Posted by: swfloridarealestate | November 4, 2008

Boomers Still Coming to Retire in Southwest Florida

Here are some interesting statistics on Boomers:

1946-1964: Boomers were born in this period
78 MILLION: Total number of boomers
32 PERCENT of boomers say they never intend to stop working for pay
64: Age at which the average boomer plans to retire from his present career
57 PERCENT of all vacation/second homes are owned by boomers
40 PERCENT of those who own vacation or second homes plan eventually to make them their permanent residence

While it can’t be proven, Real Estate Agents said boomers made up a large portion of the buyers from the 746 homes sold by Realtors in September.  And the numbers on home sales have increased tremendously since January, which was only 338.  According to U.S. Census data, 17 percent of the people moving out of their home state in 2005 came to Florida.  And since they don’t plan to stop working, they will certainly bring their qualifications and willingness to improve our economy here in Southwest Florida.  Cheers for Baby Boomers!



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  2. […] Original post by swfloridarealestate […]

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